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I'm Krista.

I help ordinary people build extraordinary companies.

Your company is growing. The pressure is on to scale at all costs. But the price is steep when you lose (or can't hire) your most important assets along the way: the people who make your business successful. Hiring and retention don’t have to be hard, expensive, or traumatic—it just takes preparation, strategic vision, and commitment to a growth mindset beyond your product. I can help.

The secret: sustainable, scalable processes that put people first.


Show me your map and destination; I’ll navigate us toward an optimal path without compromising your team’s hard work and resources.

first aid

I’ll give you tools to proactively seek and address small problems before they grow into costly emergencies.


We’ll build an inclusive culture that works for both business goals and teams working toward them.

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"Krista Lane is an immediate game changer for any company looking to level up."

~Danielle Landrein
Operations Lead
Aether Biomachines, Inc

About Me


I’m a systems thinker and process strategist with a background in stage management, technical recruiting, HR/People Operations, and program management.

What does that mean? I see organizations in terms of both the big picture and the small details. Most of what holds the tech industry back from our true innovative potential is our struggle to consider the entire ecosystem of a business. Leaders often focus on core product and growth metrics despite unnecessary difficulties hiring or retaining humans to sustainably deliver that work. Getting the human part right often means building and improving nimble and scalable processes that enable teams to thrive. I bring this approach to hiring and retaining talent the way a growth team might approach user acquisition and retention.

In other words, I give strategic advice that helps startups be more effective and inclusive at hiring, retention and performance management. While my work is highly collaborative and customized to your needs and context, I deliver practices and tools you can use well into the future.

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